We are a professional in advertising photography. We are a service for studio photography rental in Thailand which we have a large unit studio Photography in Thailand. There are 2 different size of studios are provided according to customer’s need including full equipped reception room, as well as make up room to accommodate a large number of people.

Studio A

Studio A is in dome studio in Thailand with the area
of w.16xL32m. xH10m. The upper ceiling (upper fame)
of the studio can be move able and adjustable which is
suitable for shooting large objects such as cars and
motocycles and TVC shooting. Shooting from and upper
ceilling, we can create a bird eye view picture.

Studio B

Studio B is also a dome studio in Thailand with
smaller size of W.10xL. 14xH.8m. compared with Studio A.
The upper ceiling (upper frame) of this studio can be
moveable lower or high.
Studio B is used for shooting portrait, fashion and bigger
objects such as motorcycle, inside of cars and pack shots.